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Meet Penny

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago and has lived in France for many, many years, Penny has always enjoyed working with people. As a previous Massage Therapist, she has always helped people feel good through the power of touch.

After 30 years, Penny began developing her creativity through Art Therapy sessions. She now shares the power of creativity and the importance of one’s well-being, both mentally and physically, through her art.

Now Penny not only wants to share her masterpieces but also wants to share with others the benefits of connecting with their creativity.

Penny’s new career as a professional Artist, creating personal heirlooms, began when she participated in art exhibitions in a Disability Centre. She wanted the visitors to feel part of each event and to create a keepsake. Her objective was to get others to help her create a canvas at the one-day art exhibitions or as a team at the Disability Centre. 


Penny invited each person to add their touch or motif to the canvas, and at the end, she would turn that piece into a fine piece of artwork. Penny then donated the unique artwork to the event organisers, who couldn't believe how this technique captured the true essence of the event and those who had attended.

This gave Penny the idea of taking her art to a wider audience and working with individuals from all walks of life, helping bring the community or wedding guests together through art. The Signature Canvas was born.

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The Launch Of The Wedding Signature Canvas

The Signature Canvases proved successful and brought so much joy to everyone who participated in each creation. Penny launched The Wedding Signature Canvas, where each individual’s unique brushstroke helps keep the wedding day alive while providing the perfect guest experience.

Once you have booked Penny to create your Wedding Signature Canvas all you have to do is send Penny your favourite picture or photo, its that easy!

Unlike other artists, Penny’s most meaningful work is shaped by your wedding or event and your guests' signatures. Wedding guests enjoy my calming nature derived from my previous career and love feeling part of something big.

Penny is driven to share the Signature Canvas experience and hopes to be part of your wedding or event.
So ask Penny to create a Signature Canvas keepsake that can be considered ‘The Guest Book on The Wall’, giving you pleasure year after year.


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