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The Wedding Signature Canvas Package

Five Key Stages.  In brief:

Stage One. Creating your unique guest book begins when the couple meets and chats with Penny to discuss the size of the canvas, where it will be located in their home, and the wedding's theme and details. Once this is confirmed, the next stage starts.

Stage Two. Penny creates the background of the Signature canvas. Personalising it to the theme chosen by the couple.

Stage Three. On the wedding day, Penny arrives at the venue with the prepared Signature canvas and sets up the canvas experience. All the guests are then invited to add their personal touch to the prepared canvas. Penny offers two-time slots during the wedding, one during the day or the second is a Twilight session.

Stage Four. Penny takes the now guest-embellished Wedding Signature Canvas back to her studio and fine-tunes it. What does ‘fine tune’ mean? It is the moment she finally creates The Signature Canvas, bringing everyone’s touch together, creating a unique piece of artwork, The Wedding Signature Canvas.

Stage Five. Penny delivers the completed Wedding Signature Canvas to your home for the grand reveal.

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Please note prices increase by 10% in the year 2025

Travel is not included, as this depends on the location of your wedding venue and your home.

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Choosing The Right Size Canvas For Your Wedding Or Event

Penny recommends choosing a canvas based on the size of your guest list. That is, the more guests you have, the larger the canvas you will need, but also you will need to consider the wall you have in mind at home. Therefore, the canvas must be large enough for guests to sign but not so large that it's difficult to transport but, more importantly, find the wall space.

The Wedding Signature Canvas, in brief, includes:

- Your canvas is stretched across a wooden frame

- Preparation of the canvas in Penny’s artist's studio

- All equipment is included for the event, such as paint and paintbrushes

- 30 minutes is required for set up

- 2.0 hrs to 2:30 hrs at the wedding venue during your post-ceremony drinks reception or at 6 pm for a       Twilight package

- Finishing off the Signature Canvas

- The final Signature Canvas will be hand-delivered to your home and has the necessary hanging hardware for easy installation. However, Penny does recommend framing the Signature Canvas as this will help to protect your family heirloom.

- Please see the terms and conditions for more information. 

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The Wedding Signature Canvas, In Full:

On The Day Of Your Wedding Or Event

The Signature Canvas duo, Penny and her artist’s assistant, normally arrive at your wedding venue after your wedding ceremony or at a specific agreed time.

Set up time of the canvas usually takes up to 30 minutes and instantly creates a buzz with your wedding guests.

The paints, in your chosen colour palette, are available for all the wedding guests to choose from and add their touch of creativity.

Penny asks to be set up in a visible place, with easy access for the guest to see the creation of the canvas and to want to take part in the experience. She then invites guests to come up to the canvas set up on an easel in an agreed spot where guests will see it and want to get involved.

Penny and her assistant will walk around the wedding party, ensuring everyone of all ages has put their special touch on the canvas, and depending on your chosen package, Penny can be flexible to help ensure both day guests and or evening guests all have an opportunity to partake in creating the Signature Canvas.

If guests cannot come to the canvas, Penny and her assistant will take the Signature Canvas to them.

Guests can then sign or add motifs to the canvas. Penny and her assistant are on hand to ensure all your guests enjoy the experience whilst not getting paint on their wedding outfits!

Penny can even add a little note with your wedding date or a special message for your guests.
At the end of the experience, you'll have a beautiful and unique alternative guest Signature Canvas to display in your home and every time you look at it, a sweet reminder of your wedding day.

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After Your Wedding Or Event

Penny can hold a grand reveal of your signed, beautiful reminder of your wedding day Signature Canvas on your chosen delivery date.

Sam Lloyd, The Wedding Owl, said, “Penny has this incredible ability to create a personal piece of artwork, a keepsake that captures the energy and uniqueness of your wedding day, that no other guestbook would ever capture.”

If you're looking for something that will stand the test of time and include a professional artist at your wedding reception, I can’t wait to hear from you and learn about what style of artwork we will prepare for your special day.

We can't wait to hear from you about adding a fun, interactive alternative guestbook to your wedding day.

When it comes to wedding guest books, if you're looking for something a little different for your wedding, here’s a video to help understand how Penny will create your wedding Signature Canvas.

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What Signature Canvas Works Best For You?

The Canvases come in three sizes, with the smallest accommodating approximately up to 50 signatures, the medium up to to 100, and the largest around 150 signatures

In addition, Penny also offers her Signature Canvas at corporate functions, fundraisers, private parties and a range of events from brand launches to Meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE).

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Watch a testimonial from a happy wedding couple.

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